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Ease of use, accuracy of performance, lightness in weight, the ability to detect long-term with select the desired dimension, the possibility of identifying target depth finder, the possibility of identifying the type of metal you want to search for
Latest device remote sensing system to detect the Treasures of the Earth to detect specialist:

(Gold - Silver - Diamonds)


Specifications and techniques



Specialized to detect the following materials: gold - silver - diamonds.
Depth {10} meters underground.
Front Range {2000} meters max.
determines the type of metal.
determines the depth of the target detected.



The modus operandi of the device



features a LOCATOR C21 easily work on it where it is caught by a key to control the type of metal to be detected from the (gold or silver Ooalmas) After determining the type of metal can adjust the extent required to search through the key determining dimensions, which includes the following dimensions (500 - 1000-2000m) and after the completion of the settings and start the process of detecting the device to send and receive frequencies especially metal detectors buried at a distance term chosen and depth of ten meters in the ground When picking up any signal device will wrap towards the target automatically when heading Navigator toward the target referred to by antennasender and receiver of the signal will be clarified target accuracy through the optical signal present on the device panel and an acceleration in the device and when ringing direct access to the target can be detected up ringing sound and completeness of the optical signal Paljhazandha make sure we stand above the target.
device LOCATOR C21 of pride industries American resilience and ease of use and its small size and accuracy of its results as it resistant to factors of natural soil from drying, humidity and igneous rocks and basaltic and has also been experimenting with the machine by processors to demonstrate the quality of their industry before putting it on the market.
American industry first class
one year warranty.





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